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Software Engineering Daily

SEDaily Podcast Logo softwareengineeringdaily.com

One episode a day — impossible to keep up with that pace! This podcasts focus is on data engineering and big data technologies whilst also covering broader topics like engineering management or hiring processes.

Episodes I especially enjoyed:

Software Engineering Radio

SERadio Podcast Logo SE-radio.net

New episodes appear one or two times a month. This podcast covers a broad range of software engineering topics reaching from architecture to design patterns to developer ethics and carreer advices.

Some of my favorite episodes include

Omega Tau

Omega Tau Podcast Logo omegataupodcast.net

This is one of the more broader technical podcasts. Some episodes are in english, some in german. A lot of episodes cover aironautics including episodes where Marcus sits in the cockpit of an A380 interviewing the pilots flying to HongKong. In other episodes he is learning to fly a helicopter or trying to understand what it is like to be on a hunt in the forest.

Some favorites include

The Airflow podcast

Airflow podcast Airflow podcast by the Astronomer.io

A podcast about Apache Airflow, an open source workflow management system that lets you define ETL pipelines in Python.

Lifestyle / Philosophy / Talking

TED Radio Hour (Technology - Entertainment - Design)

TED Radio Hour TED Radio Hour

You don’t know TED, yet? Well this is at least as good as the video-version of the insipiring talks. Guy Raz and his team optimize and adapt them for the audio format.

Episodes I enjoyed: