Integrate Wunderlist with Amazon Alexa

The basic idea is to use Alexas native shopping list feature and add a trigger in IFFT to send any new items on the list via Email to your Wunderlist account. The items will then appear in your Wunderlist. Unfortunately deleting is not possible via Alexa, only adding.

I have been using Wunderlist for a years now and did not come across a better ToDo-App that fits better to my needs. Since Microsoft’s Acquisition of Wunderlist back in 2015 the App did not change much and probably won’t will anymore. The official successor is called ToDo (creative…) but is not ready to really replace Wunderlist yet.


In order to add Items to your Wunderlist with Amazon Alexa voice commands you need

Setup Wunderlist mail-feature

On this page you have to add your Gmail sender and the target ToDo-List that you will be using for the items to appear on. Enable Wunderlist mail feature

Setup IFTTT recipe

In the IFTTT app or website create a new recipe:

If item added to your Shopping List, then send it as email to Wunderlist

IFTTT Recipe for mailing shopping-list entries to Wunderlist

Use Alexa voice commands to send items to Wunderlist

That’s it! Whenever you say

Alexa add Tomatoes to my shopping list

the items will apear on your Wunderlist.